It’s time

So…. we’ve now reached 38 weeks (and let me just say at this point that the fact that we’ve gotten this far is completely surreal in and of itself)! My health has slowly, but steadily, been declining these past two months. I’ve now got active lower and upper GI bleeding (that I’m helping in a homeopathic manner, since I have to inject high dose blood thinners too!) and daily attacks of angioedema among other issues. I don’t really mind my health declining, as long as what’s going on isn’t affecting the little one; I’m kind of used to  used to the ups and downs of my body and have good energy reserves to deal with crises. However this past week my blood pressure started destabilising on top of everything else and is constantly jumping around from close to 70/38 up to 162/119.

This is a known issue for me during flares, but right now the high blood issue presents a very real risk to the placenta. To that end, after a series of growth scans, cardiotocography monitoring sessions and a whole day of absent fetal movements, which was easily one of the scariest days of my life, my doctors have decided to admit me to the hospital this evening and begin a careful and persistent induction process. We will be doing our very best to avoid an emergency c-section, as it’s important that I try and get through this in one piece and with the least amount of tissue damage possible so as not to provoke immune-related flares.

On a different note my community midwife, to whom I am forever grateful, got a series of vaccinations this past week so we can bring the little one home sooner versus later assuming everything goes relatively smoothly. In any case we’ll definitely not be leaving the hospital six to twenty four hours after the birth like other folk! As things are we’re expecting it will take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to get me stabilised (and that’s the best case scenario!) and to get the little one thoroughly checked out and monitored before we can see the outside world!

We’re at a point where there’s simply no way to go but forward, so forward it is with trepidation, a positive mindset and faith in the safest and best possible result for all involved. On that note, could I please ask that anyone who can keep their fingers crossed this week for the little one and myself?

I hope this finds everyone well!



About icedcoffeecreature

Hi there! I’m Zoe; a (mostly!) green foodie, soon-to-be mother of one and the proud “owner” of a slightly wonky immune system! If you happen upon my page, please say hello!

3 responses to “It’s time”

  1. Melizza says :

    Fingers crossed! Hope everything goes well for you two.

  2. Stardust says :

    Καλή τύχη Ζωή! Ελπίζω να είμαστε εδώ να τα λέμε σε μερικές ημέρες!

  3. icedcoffeecreature says :

    Thank you for the crossed fingers and wishes!! I hope you’re doing well! 🙂

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