Peppa Pig & Long Nights

It’s well past midnight, but technically we’re still on Day 3 of the 100 Day Challenge.

As I’m writing this post, my 21 month old is in my lap watching an episode of Peppa Pig. She’s having one of her hypothermia ’bouts’ at the moment, so she’s wearing a winter hat, thermal pyjamas, socks and shoes and is also wrapped in a duvet. The house is at a tropical 72 degrees. Dot’s temperature on the other hand is 94.8.


Today I’m thankful for the trust my daughter places in me and my abilities to fix whatever problems she may be having at the time. Whether she has a fever and is shaking or she’s hypothermic and trembling or her thyroid meds are off and she’s miserable, her solution is the same; she shouts for me, pleading for a hug and when I take her in my arms she relaxes completely. It’s like she believes I can solve whatever is wrong with her or that even if I can’t that the sound of my heartbeat and the feel of my arms around her body are somehow enough. It is a very odd feeling and a tremendous responsibility.

But on days like today I am especially thankful for that trust and grateful that Dot can sit content in my lap absolutely confident that she is safe, while I secretly tremble in terror and count down the seconds until I can measure her temperature again.



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